We love it here. My entire family is in and out in minutes. Friendly staff and atmosphere. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks optimum Health!
– Andrea S.

I am so thankful to Dr. Nick and the staff at Optimum Health for helping me resolve my issues with chronic shoulder and back pain. This is a well-equipped facility. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, which alleviated my pain in a short amount of time, I also took advantage of the massage therapy and exercise therapy, both of which helped me to stay pain-free. The exercise room has plenty of bands, weights, rollers, etc which ensured I had effective workouts that focused on the areas I needed to strengthen based on the exercise routine provided by Dr. Nick. The exercise therapist, as well as the two massage therapists, were professional and cared about my improvement. The lady at the front desk could not have been nicer, too. This place is such a gem in the (smallish) town of Clear Lake.
– Sarah C.

I first came to OHC back in March of 2021. I have problems at times with my lower Lumbar area of my back. The 1st visit Dr. McColley took exra’s and showed me why I had been having issues with my back. I have degeneration from arthritis which is a hereditary problem in my family. My mother had just had that area of her back fused a couple weeks prior. I asked Dr. McColley if that’s where I was headed. He responded . “Well that’s what we’re going to work on to prevent”.
Then a week later family asked my to join them on a trip to Brainerd MN. I was reluctant to take on the trip. Dr. McColley had my back feeling so much better but I was concerned I couldn’t handle a 10 hour drive to go up and back. I had Dr. McColley give me an adjustment just before I left. I rode the entire trip with NO pain, no discomfort at all. Also road snowmobile with my grandson. I can’t say enough praise to Dr. McColley and his team. It was a blessing to actually be involved with my grandkids and not sitting on the couch while everyone was having fun in the snow.
I’m continuing to go to OHC months later. I have a Lawn Care Company and Landscape business. With Dr. McColley keeping me adjusted I’m able to put in the labor required to work at my business.
Definetly more like 10 Stars than 5.
– Jim B.

I have gotten about 30% more mobility since I first went in to optimum chiropractic. I am continuing to improve. Great staff, friendly and efficient. Dr Nick is very professional. Optimum chiropractic is a great place to get straightened out.
– Michael B.

I had avoided going to see a chiropractor for years. When my back pain got to the point I could no longer walk without limping I broke down and on a friends recommendation saw Dr. Nick. Dr. Nick and his staff are wonderful and put me at ease right away. I was able to see extreme improvement after just the first visit, and all adjustments have been painless. I would highly recommend Optimum Health to anyone who has a fear of chiropractors, but knows they need to see one.
– Jeffrey K.

They’re always so good at getting me right in when I need to get in. Dr. Nick does a great job.
– Cindy H.

Above and beyond what other local chiropractors do “pop and go”, Dr. Nick takes the time to to examine, explain and adjust you the proper way. For the last 9 months I have been experiencing post covid “brain fog and dizziness” but was actually neck adjustments. I’ve seen other chiropractors within the last 9 months and never caught or addressed this problem.. after 3 visits i haven’t felt this good in a long long time.
– Andrew R.

Nick and his staff are always courteous and efficient. They make my appointments really easy and Nick always listens, to help me walk out of the office feeling relieved of my pain and stress.
– Wendy W.

I’m always amazed at how I feel after my hour massages. You guys are the best.
– Robert F.

Always a great experience with Dr. Nick. Takes care of my needs in a professional and courteous manner. Great staff as well!
– Bruce W.